Express Entry Lawyer in Markham, Ontario

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If you want to immigrate to Canada, you should hire a Markham Express Entry lawyer to help you apply for permanent residence. The Express Entry program allows applicants to choose the immigration pathway that best suits their financial and personal circumstances. The Express Entry program requires a CRS score of 460 or higher. The cut off for this category has recently risen to 470, but a Markham Immigration lawyer can help you maximize your CRS score.


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The Canadian government also offers a Quebec investor program, which allows foreign investors to get permanent residency in Canada and become citizens. Those who apply through this program receive unlimited access to Canada and Quebec, as well as free universal health care and education. However, they do not get to hold a Canadian passport or vote in national elections. An express entry lawyer can provide you with detailed information on the program and the requirements to apply. It is a complicated process, so you need a lawyer with years of experience in immigration law.

Choosing the right immigration lawyer is vital, but the right one will ensure your success. A Markham immigration lawyer specializes in the Express Entry program, which is a front-end system designed to manage immigration inventory. Each applicant submits an electronic profile that contains relevant information about themselves and their spouse. A Markham immigration lawyer, Ronen Kurzfeld, can help you complete the application accurately and make it as easy as possible for you to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

The Express Entry program does not require Canadian citizenship, but it does require applicants to meet a points threshold based on six selection factors. Age, language, education, skilled work experience, existing job offers, adaptability, and financial capability are all factors that determine eligibility. In addition, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to settle in Canada. A valid job offer in Canada is also necessary to qualify. Finally, the express entry application should include any information that will advance the applicant pool. The immigration lawyers of the Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld are exceptionally skilled in pinpointing an applicant’s background and proving that they have the proper financial resources to support themselves and their family in Canada.

Immigration laws are complicated and difficult. It requires meticulous planning and meticulous documentation. An immigration lawyer can guide you through the application process and help you prepare your documents and explain any doubts you may have. Your attorney can also file submissions with visa officials and fast-track your application. If you need a lawyer for the process, hiring a Markham immigration lawyer will make the entire process much easier. So, hire a Markham immigration lawyer today to help you with your application.

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